President Trump’s Potential Legacy

by fredwardwilhelm

With the electoral college going in favor of Donald Trump for this election, it is safe to say he is almost no doubt, the next president of the United States. Now, I will not be sharing my opinion on Mr. Trump, I did that in my last blog post. Obviously, as an avid supporter of Bernie Sanders and a reluctant supporter of Hillary Clinton, I much rather would have another Bush elected than Mr. Trump. However, with the election over, I feel it may be interesting to talk about what a Trump Presidency may mean.

Strangely enough, soon after Trump was elected he removed many of his more reactionary strategies from his website, has compromised to not completely repeal Obamacare and has moved his 11 million deportation numbers to 3 million. Which to me, it’s kind of funny, he promised he would repeal it, people voted for him because he said he would repeal it, and now he isn’t completely repealing it. Trump is also giving cabinet positions to Wall Street establishment politicians, the very thing he condemned Hillary Clinton for being. Now is Trump selling out to the system? Is he moving to a more moderate position?

Some of Trump’s most conservative policies have been removed and more talk about liberal ideas, keeping Obamacare in any way, longer and better maternity leave as well as congressional term limits?  Definitely not a complete conservative. But with him recently giving a Cabinet to Steve Banon a White Nationalist (Supremacist), it is hard to completely say he’s moderate. I don’t know exactly where a man who has changed parties multiple times stands. But other cabinet appointments include a gay man (who’s also really racist if you look at his twitter), a women (who hates gay people) and Ben Carson (who if he wasn’t 1 crazy and 2 completely under qualified). So obviously he doesn’t hate everyone.

I personally think he’s a bit of a grab pot of liberal and conservative policies with a bit of racism and hate. If the man didn’t advocate hate and violence and wasn’t a complete lunatic, I may have supported him! The man is obviously not dumb, and I think he was shocked by his win in the election which has caused him to step up to the plate. I hope he helps our country to win like he says he will.

I see two main paths for a Trump Presidency, the path that would probably be best for us to go down is where he turns moderate and becomes the most effective president since the last Clinton, or we’re going to see another 4 years of ineffectiveness, even worse than Obama (who, in my opinion, wasn’t THAT ineffective). I think he could really help us in terms of the economy, but I would hate to see us completely isolate ourselves from the world for specific reasons (hint hint: the last two times the US went isolationism there was a World War that followed). But I sincerely hope he makes sure we aren’t the police in every country. We waste far too many soldiers over shore than we need to. We need a balance. Of course, that’s something that is very hard to do. The wall won’t happen, or if it does, it won’t be as effective as people think it will be. ISIS won’t get nuked. A lot of his crazy promises that got him elected won’t come true. Which, honestly thank god, everyone won’t hate the United States more than they already do.

Also to touch on the protests going on. Look, conservatives are calling liberals crybabies on twitter and other social media, look at what you did when Obama won, conservatives threatened to kill the man. Peaceful protests are ok and violent protests are wrong but don’t for a second think your party is any less crazy or any more classy than another. Also, for anyone thinking protests won’t change anything. If it wasn’t for protests we would still be a part of England, we would be living under the Articles of Confederation, Slavery would still exist, Black people wouldn’t be able to vote, Women wouldn’t be able to vote, there would be cholera in our drinking water, separate would be equal, and Music wouldn’t exist at all. The point is, protests are effective, and they’ve gotten Trump to go this moderate.

Other than that, I hope we all continue to fight, to love and to pray for love, peace, and harmony. Also, to further emphasize my opinion on Donald Trump, I will be fighting every day against him. If he puts forward reactionary policies that may affect me, my friends, or my family, I will fight him, I will fight his government, and I will fight his system. I still can’t wait for the day in which I can vote for the first women president. Regardless, of what happens during this presidency, we shall overcome, one day. These next 4 years will be a wild ride, and I hope the ride is in the right direction.