Donald Trump

by fredwardwilhelm

With the election coming to a close in about 9 days, I would just like to share my opinion on one of the candidates and exactly why I would never support him even if supporting him was a choice of life and death.

Now many of you may start thinking ” Well, of course, this stupid liberal would only support a democratic nominee.” Which is entirely untrue, my parents both have varying degrees of political opinion. throughout my lifetime they have voted Nader, Bush, Kerry, Obama, Trump, and Hillary. Obviously not one party voters, I see both sides of the political spectrum. So technically, I’m not necessarily politically socialized to one side of the ideological spectrum and many of my own views I gain by looking objectively as well as from a conservative and liberal viewpoint.

The reason I would never support The Donald in this election is because he is a man without class or decency in the public or in private. Understandably, the private life is something that in many eyes should be left quiet, but this man has publicly insulted and degraded Mexicans, women, and Muslims only to name a few of the groups. This man has by not even being elected divided the nation. If elected, I will no longer call us the United States of America, but rather the Divided States. This man is no president and it’s hard for me to understand that he is even at a 30% chance on 538 or even on the low end of 8% by CNN. (The Clinton News Network I know) It is one thing being conservative, but this man is reactionary, and rather than a progressive and regressive.

Donald Trump clearly lacks the necessary credentials to be President, of course, he’s successful, which is hard given he only started with his “small loan” of ONE MILLION dollars (the type of money that people would kill or die for). He went bankrupt 6 times and doesn’t even pay income taxes. If he’s truly a man who is “for the people” he would be with the people in paying these taxes, if you really praise him for not paying taxes, you need to reevaluate your priorities. He won’t fix these loopholes, the loopholes he USES currently and will continue to use them in order to gain money. Also, of course, looking at the facts he will drive us further into debt and in no way stimulate the economy to be successful. Trickle Down economics, no matter how ‘Trumped up’ always fail and put our country into debt, a lesson learned by Reagan and Bush Sr. It is the same reason we are facing our economic problem as of now. Trickle down does not work, it is plain and simple. Stimulation and Job creation lead to the best form of economy, especially in capitalism.

Socially, Trump, well. Outcasts entire groups of people, racially stereotypes them and wonders why he receives no votes from them. Whether building a wall, repeating the Chinese Exclusion Act on Muslims or makes up stories about Obama founding ISIS. I mean the man is delusional and reactionary. He proposed marking out all Muslims distinctively. Also known as early signs of a genocide, which honestly isn’t too far above Trump at this point. The man has been compared to Hitler, whether rightfully so or not. I personally believe he will be worse because he will not only discriminate against people, but he will also make America weak and the laughing stalk of the entire world. Other countries like England and Spain think we are a joke for letting him get this far into the election.

Now for the big one. Donald Trump is unfit to be president of the United States. Obviously, not a huge surprise here. The man literally kicked a baby out of a rally, made fun of a disabled reporter, said “grab her by the pussy,” enforced gender roles, told people to check out a sex tape, said he is friends with one of the United State’s biggest enemies, committed treason by telling Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails, committed multiple acts of sexual assault, peeped on underage girls changing, insults and bullies other candidates, claims the election is rigged, banned media from attending the election, believes that global warming is a hoax, and I would bet my entire college fund that there is more than that.

All in all, vote tomorrow, please! But while voting, make sure you think about everything whether Donald Trump will truly make America Great Again, whether he is the right example for our children (who by the way in a mock election had a huge majority for Hillary), and will make our country work for peace and prosperity on all fronts. This is why I’m with Her and not for a bigoted racist reactionary fascist. I offer a sincere and true wish that Donald Trump fails and is arrested for the criminal acts he has committed. Also, when history is made tomorrow, he can truly accept the result and man the hell up.