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Month: September, 2016

The problem with American Education

Recently at MHS we had class pull out meetings where we talked about among other things how this is the last year to impress, college visits and getting ready for senior year. However what stuck with me the most was when we were told to “take a break” every once in a while and how “grades aren’t more important than your health” and that “you should “get a good nights sleep.” Well my friends at MHS let me make this as clear as possible so your can understand. That. Is. Not. Possible. and  also: You. Are. So. Hypocritical.

Many students strive to have the best grades possible and to boost our GPAs by loading up on AP and Honors courses. This in my opinion is not a bad thing, students should push themselves to be the very best that they can be. I myself am currently in 3 AP classes and an Honors course. However when we talk about classes such as AP Chem and Bio it leads many students- or from what I can see- to the brink of insanity. Finding molar masses and chemical reactions are all fun and games until we see all these kids have hours upon hours of homework for a SINGLE class. From what I can tell the kids who do double up on AP Chem and Bio are constantly working on just that. Chem or Bio. Giving them no time to “take a break” or “get a good nights sleep” and by doing this making it nearly impossible to put “your health before grades.”

Now given, these students all sign up for these courses, but an should they really be allowed to? I have multiple friends staying up and saying how they only get 2-3 hours  sleep because they decide to load up on AP classes. This is not ok and this needs to be fixed before MHS becomes a highschool MIT- which may sound like a good thing until you realize MIT has the highest suicide rate out of all US colleges. It should not be in the hands of the students to choose to take 6 AP classes to get their GPA to be higher than the next person’s. Now I may be ranting on and on about how much kids challenge themselves to be Valedictorian or whatever. But I will offer what I believe to be the best option.

In Spain (yes classic Freddie bringing up another european country) has a system in which students can choose to study math and science or language and history. Now this sort of system implemented at MHS would allow students to truly study a path they enjoy. While at the same time eliminating the ability to load up on 6 AP classes. I know plenty of students who would rather cut out the english and history or the math and science and focus on the other solely. I know that I would personally love to never take a higher level math of science course again. For example a typical junior under this system may take AP Chem and Bio and honors Precalc while taking regular english and government, or on the other side AP Gov and Comp with Algebra 2 and chemistry. Now no system is obviously perfect and I truly believe that just implementing this system does not solve every problem, but it’s at least a start.

To fix these problems we once again look at european nations. Many countries in Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Spain, etc.) have better education than us. Some key factors for this include, incentives for becoming a teacher, separation of school and sports/arts, and little to no homework.

Incentives for teaching, in America we pay high school teachers a pathetic amount of money, being around 45k a year. To put this in perspectives Butlers, Toll booth workers and Strippers all make more money than teachers. Let me tell you that is disgusting. If we gave more money to our teachers we would not only reach higher education standards but we would also have less teen suicides and just better teaching in general. If teachers were paid more there would be so many people who would want to be teachers which creates 1 more competition which would result in teachers TRYING to teach students and not pull some harkness method crap our way because guess what you’re a TEACHer. If teachers were paid more then it would greatly increase the chance of them doing their job.

Separation of school and extracurricular activities, as someone who is part of Speech and Debate, Cross Country, Student Government, and more. I believe education would be far better off if we kept these sort of things separate. Now there are so many opportunities outside of school to be a part of a music group or play club soccer whatever. Why do we need extracurricular activities. Now I’m not going against extracurriculars it’s a great way for extra competition or to alleviate stress. But when mixed with school it can cause a mentality of the sport/club/activity being more important than school resulting in lower grades and poor performance. Getting these things outside the school do not completely eliminate the problem I know. But they help to resolve it. Just ask any country with better education than the United States!

Finally I end with this little to no homework. Now I may sound like a lazy teenager who doesn’t want homework. But hey, I at least do my homework! Now we once again look at european countries such as Denmark and Sweden who give their students little to no homework. These students have less stress and can actually have fun after school is out and focus on their other activities rather than juggling their time. This method leaves students under less stress allows them to get more rest and it doesn’t brainwash them because they don’t learn at home. They still study for their next test or quiz at home which yes takes time out of their day but it allows them to take a stronger hold over their education. Rather than constant repetition of something a student already knows it can allow a student to study at their own pace and not stay up till 4am doing homework.

To finish this blog I want to add a few more things that I don’t feel need to but reasoning behind. School starting later, less classes, quarters and year long school. I feel as if these things would help to bring the United States back to the TOP in terms of education along with lower college tuition interest and tuition free public colleges for those who meet requirements. (If you wanna fight me on the whole “free college” thing you will lose bc I actually know what I’m talking about.) Good bye all.





Mason Ultimate Frisbee was thrown into the state tournament and flew into second.

On June 4 – June 5, Mason’s Ultimate Frisbee team competed in Versailles in the state championship tournament. The team’s undefeated season affected the attitude going into the tournament according to coach Elliott Skindzier.

“Going into the tournament the team felt as if they were underseeded due to the performance that they had at qualifiers,” Skindzier said. “Riding a city tournament championship though put them in a position where they felt like they could perform well.”

But the confidence of being city champions didn’t stop the team from working hard in training according to sophomore Axel Agami.

“We practiced two to three times a week all year, and when the state tournament got closer we kept the practices,” Agami said. “We incorporated other outside activities to get players in better condition and more comfortable throwing the disk.”

This practice showed as the comets went undefeated in their pool, beating Gahanna Lincoln 13-6 and Westerville North High School 13-5. They then went on to beat Centerville 14-9, placing them in a high seeding for the quarter finals.

According to Skindzier the team exceeded his expectations in these pool matches.

“I was worried about our game against Gahanna Lincoln High School,” Skindzier said. “Playing them last season, I knew what their potential was however, we were able to beat them easily, and I feel that that was the game that set the tone for the rest of the weekend.”

Along the way foreign exchange student Carlos Castro, who was supposed to leave before the tournament, was a giant help to the team during the tournament according to Agami.

“He really helped build our chemistry by having everyone pitch in for him to come back,” Agami said. ”He was a defensive machine and when he wasn’t making plays he was on the sideline keeping morale high.”

After beating Wyoming 12-9 in the quarterfinals and Milford in a close 10-9 victory, the team made it to the state final against Holy Family Catholic. According to junior Alex Barnett the team’s performance during the tournament helped motivate them for the final match.

“It definitely boosted our confidence and pushed us to keep striving for our best,” Barnett said. “We knew how tough the final game would be considering that they (Holy Family Catholic) win it every year.”

The team went on to lose to Holy Family Catholic in the final 15-2. Barnett reacted to the feeling of the team after the tournament.

“Everyone was extremely excited and overflowed with joy,” Barnett said. “Second place is a huge accomplishment considering we are a newer team with no one graduating.”

Although the team’s season just ended, Skindzier said he is already planning for the next season.

“Considering this is the second consecutive year that we in the state title game, I feel there is not much we can do,” Skindzier said. “Holy Family Catholic have a tremendous program. One thing though that I look to improve on is the deepness of the roster. Creating a deeper roster will be key to winning the title next year.”


The community is racin’ around Mason in preparation for the upcoming cross country season.

On July 30, the boys and girls of Mason Cross Country ran with the rest of the community in the annual Racin’ in Mason 5K at Pine Hill park to prepare for the season and raise funds for the team. The race was organized by Mason Running boosters to help fundraise for the boys and girls team. According to the boys cross country head coach, Tom Rapp, the money raised from this event will help pay for many aspects of the team.

“It helps us buy equipment that we need, T-shirts and extra amenities to add flair to the team,” Rapp said. “Without the funding it would be very difficult.”

The overall race was won by Junior Abel Nijakowski who clocked in a time of 17:11. Nijakowski represented Mason as a varsity runner last year and said he has a passion for running.

“It was fun,” Nijakowski said. “It was what I wanted to do, so I went out and did it. I did my best and got what I wanted. I love running and I love racing.”

According to Nijakowski the race would set standards for the start of the season and he hopes to use this as his victory to jump into the official season starting on Monday.

“I think it’s a good starting time and a good position to be in for the start of the season,” Nijakowski said.

Aside from raising funds for the program, Rapp said the race also gives the runners an opportunity to see the larger community of running outside of Mason Cross Country.

“It’s really a fun time for runners to mix with the community,” Rapp said. “Running is bigger than just high school cross country.”


The boys soccer team opened their season with a 4-0 victory over the Springboro Panthers.

The game started as a defensive battle, with no real scoring opportunities. The Comets came close in the 11th minute after a corner kick found the head of a Comet player, but was denied by a save from the Springboro keeper, keeping the game at 0-0.

The scoring opened in the 17th minute when sophomore Carter Womack found the net from inside the penalty box. Womack said he was pleased with his first game and first goal for Mason Varsity Soccer.

“It was a great way to start off,” Womack said. “Hopefully, I can just keep scoring and keep doing well.”

The scoring continued in the 36th minute when junior Ben Wendell tucked the ball into the net from close range, giving the Comets a 2-0 lead at halftime.

Senior Joseph Grimes started the second half scoring with a free kick from 30 yards out two minutes after the start of the second half. Continuing his fantastic run from preseason to the regular season, Grimes said he was ecstatic after scoring the goal.

“Obviously, it makes me feel good,” Grimes said. “I’m just happy it was one of the four goals we had today.”

Senior Max Mitchell ended the scoring for the Comets in the 50th minute from 6 yards out. Head Coach Paul Reedy said securing a victory to open the season was a good place to start for his young team.

“We’re pleased to get off to a good start, the first game you never know what to expect,” Reedy said. “We only returned three starters from a year ago, we’re a work in progress and we’re by no means a finished product.”