Political Revolution -Opinion

by fredwardwilhelm

Last night at the democratic convention Bernie Sanders, the leader of the political revolution, told his supporters that they should all vote for Hillary in the upcoming election. Now, as many of you know, I support Bernie and as a result, think I’m some sort of Communist Russian to uproot the principles of democracy and capitalism. When Bernie told his supporters to vote for Hillary he was promptly booed by his supporters. Look, I LOVE Bernie as much as the next millennial, and trust me, I hate Hillary. But at the end of the day. Who is better for our nation Trump or Hillary. A woman with vast political experience or a man with none. In my opinion Hillary is obviously the better option to Trump. Of course, she is corrupt but so are most politicians, and if you think for one second that Trump is not corrupt you really need to look at the reality of the lies he is feeding you. I could go more into depth but I will save that for another post :).


The point of this post is, to talk about the impact of Bernie Sanders. The Brooklyn born jewish man has changed this country and brought us to be more liberal than we ever imagined. The impact that he will have on the election is this; if Hillary’s chances of winning can only go up the more liberal she gets from here. Now obviously, Hillary is bought out by the system and will never actually become that liberal. Which is a shame obviously but at the end of the day. We all knew this was going to happen. What we didn’t think would happen was Bernie getting as close as he did to the spot.  This man had no right to be as close to Hillary in the primaries as he was. He defied all odds, a socialist of all things, a socialist… In America? You’re out of your right mind if you predicted that he would do as well as he did. But today we see the millennials and more all fighting for a more liberal platform every day we live the revolution.


And so all good things must end with a call to action. My fellow friends who feel the bern, live on. We are the revolution, revolutions don’t happen over night. But over time if we keep pushing and pushing slowly we will gain more and more ground. The revolution can not be over just because Bernie Sanders is out of the race. This is a TRUE revolution if we all stand together we can all continue the political revolution against Trump and force Hillary to go more and more liberal than she already is. My friends we are too left to possibly be right. We must show this entire nation that we are the political revolution and that we will not elect a lying, blow heart, and bigot president. Hillary is not an ideal president. But if we want this revolution to continue the only option now is to vote for Hillary. In the words of John Lennon we have to Imagine all the people living: for today, in peace and for all the world. People may say we’re dreamers but it’s obvious that we aren’t the only ones.