Parental Responsibility?

by fredwardwilhelm

We all misplace things, whether it be glasses, homework, phones, or wallets. Of course, misplacing these things doesn’t lead to the deaths of an endangered species.

Many have heard about the recent incident at the Cincinnati Zoo. Where Harambe, a 17 year old Gorilla was shot and killed. This was after the Gorilla picked up, threw and dragged around a 4 year old child who found his way into the exhibit. The child was misplaced by his parents. In a zoo.

Now all parents may misplace their kids at local stores or at parks. But at a zoo? This is completely irresponsible of the parents. Along with the zoo making the wrong decision. The Gorilla, from what I understand, caused no physical harm to the child and was sent home from the hospital after being evaluated for injuries.  The Gorilla was no threat to the child and should not have been killed no matter how long it took for the tranquilizer to take effect.

However, the blame falls to the parents. How do you misplace your child in a zoo. As a child I was never misplaced at such a dangerous place, let alone a place with that many people. The zoo should sue them for the gorilla’s death and they should have to pay the fine for killing an endangered animal. However, this is not compensation for the death of such a rare and dangerous animal no matter what the situation the zoo should stand to preserve and protect endangered species and due to the situation at hand they did not. There is no justice for the animal nor the people who are saddened and disappointed by the death of this animal.