Crisis in Manchester

by fredwardwilhelm

In today’s world we so often see the world horrified by the thought of terrorism. I woke up this morning waiting for my favorite Soccer Team to play their final game of the season. I was excited, I had just finished breakfast and I turned on the TV only to hear the game had been delayed. I then did the logical thing any teenager would do in a situation of confusion: I went on twitter. The news that was being reported, I did not want to hear.

Today around 3 PM in Manchester ,England (10 PM in Ohio) a mysterious package was found in the North West stand of Manchester United’s stadium, Old Trafford. This mysterious package turned out to be one of the two reported bombs inside of the stadium. The North West stand was quickly evacuated as Manchester United’s final game of the season against Bournemouth was delayed then cancelled. The Stadium was evacuated, the bomb squad arrived and they have already had one controlled explosion inside the ground.

Thankfully, not a single person has been hurt or injured and everyone, including players and staff have been evacuated from the stadium. I offer huge props to Manchester United for how well they handled the situation and thank god for the person who found the first bomb. He quite literally saved almost 70,000 lives in one day. Whether sheer luck or divine influence this day has been saved and the plans of evil have been thwarted.

The big picture of this is terrorism is very real, I have known this since the day I truly realized the impact of 9/11. Today’s lasting impact is that terrorism can be prevented and thanks to the results of the Paris and Brussels attacks the world has grown more careful and smarter for these occurrences. This is not a problem to fix overnight it will be a long process. We must remember during this time that we as a world are one. We all need to come together. We should not pursue the minority groups but rather pursue and destroy the problem itself. Today was a defeat for whoever tried to attack and one they soon won’t forget. They will come back stronger than ever to try and terrorize again. The world must be ready. I wish the best for everyone in Manchester and I wish luck for all humanity as we move forward in a world with terrorism. Together the world is one. God is good.