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Alone we stand, together we fall apart.

President Trump’s Potential Legacy

With the electoral college going in favor of Donald Trump for this election, it is safe to say he is almost no doubt, the next president of the United States. Now, I will not be sharing my opinion on Mr. Trump, I did that in my last blog post. Obviously, as an avid supporter of Bernie Sanders and a reluctant supporter of Hillary Clinton, I much rather would have another Bush elected than Mr. Trump. However, with the election over, I feel it may be interesting to talk about what a Trump Presidency may mean.

Strangely enough, soon after Trump was elected he removed many of his more reactionary strategies from his website, has compromised to not completely repeal Obamacare and has moved his 11 million deportation numbers to 3 million. Which to me, it’s kind of funny, he promised he would repeal it, people voted for him because he said he would repeal it, and now he isn’t completely repealing it. Trump is also giving cabinet positions to Wall Street establishment politicians, the very thing he condemned Hillary Clinton for being. Now is Trump selling out to the system? Is he moving to a more moderate position?

Some of Trump’s most conservative policies have been removed and more talk about liberal ideas, keeping Obamacare in any way, longer and better maternity leave as well as congressional term limits?  Definitely not a complete conservative. But with him recently giving a Cabinet to Steve Banon a White Nationalist (Supremacist), it is hard to completely say he’s moderate. I don’t know exactly where a man who has changed parties multiple times stands. But other cabinet appointments include a gay man (who’s also really racist if you look at his twitter), a women (who hates gay people) and Ben Carson (who if he wasn’t 1 crazy and 2 completely under qualified). So obviously he doesn’t hate everyone.

I personally think he’s a bit of a grab pot of liberal and conservative policies with a bit of racism and hate. If the man didn’t advocate hate and violence and wasn’t a complete lunatic, I may have supported him! The man is obviously not dumb, and I think he was shocked by his win in the election which has caused him to step up to the plate. I hope he helps our country to win like he says he will.

I see two main paths for a Trump Presidency, the path that would probably be best for us to go down is where he turns moderate and becomes the most effective president since the last Clinton, or we’re going to see another 4 years of ineffectiveness, even worse than Obama (who, in my opinion, wasn’t THAT ineffective). I think he could really help us in terms of the economy, but I would hate to see us completely isolate ourselves from the world for specific reasons (hint hint: the last two times the US went isolationism there was a World War that followed). But I sincerely hope he makes sure we aren’t the police in every country. We waste far too many soldiers over shore than we need to. We need a balance. Of course, that’s something that is very hard to do. The wall won’t happen, or if it does, it won’t be as effective as people think it will be. ISIS won’t get nuked. A lot of his crazy promises that got him elected won’t come true. Which, honestly thank god, everyone won’t hate the United States more than they already do.

Also to touch on the protests going on. Look, conservatives are calling liberals crybabies on twitter and other social media, look at what you did when Obama won, conservatives threatened to kill the man. Peaceful protests are ok and violent protests are wrong but don’t for a second think your party is any less crazy or any more classy than another. Also, for anyone thinking protests won’t change anything. If it wasn’t for protests we would still be a part of England, we would be living under the Articles of Confederation, Slavery would still exist, Black people wouldn’t be able to vote, Women wouldn’t be able to vote, there would be cholera in our drinking water, separate would be equal, and Music wouldn’t exist at all. The point is, protests are effective, and they’ve gotten Trump to go this moderate.

Other than that, I hope we all continue to fight, to love and to pray for love, peace, and harmony. Also, to further emphasize my opinion on Donald Trump, I will be fighting every day against him. If he puts forward reactionary policies that may affect me, my friends, or my family, I will fight him, I will fight his government, and I will fight his system. I still can’t wait for the day in which I can vote for the first women president. Regardless, of what happens during this presidency, we shall overcome, one day. These next 4 years will be a wild ride, and I hope the ride is in the right direction.


Donald Trump

With the election coming to a close in about 9 days, I would just like to share my opinion on one of the candidates and exactly why I would never support him even if supporting him was a choice of life and death.

Now many of you may start thinking ” Well, of course, this stupid liberal would only support a democratic nominee.” Which is entirely untrue, my parents both have varying degrees of political opinion. throughout my lifetime they have voted Nader, Bush, Kerry, Obama, Trump, and Hillary. Obviously not one party voters, I see both sides of the political spectrum. So technically, I’m not necessarily politically socialized to one side of the ideological spectrum and many of my own views I gain by looking objectively as well as from a conservative and liberal viewpoint.

The reason I would never support The Donald in this election is because he is a man without class or decency in the public or in private. Understandably, the private life is something that in many eyes should be left quiet, but this man has publicly insulted and degraded Mexicans, women, and Muslims only to name a few of the groups. This man has by not even being elected divided the nation. If elected, I will no longer call us the United States of America, but rather the Divided States. This man is no president and it’s hard for me to understand that he is even at a 30% chance on 538 or even on the low end of 8% by CNN. (The Clinton News Network I know) It is one thing being conservative, but this man is reactionary, and rather than a progressive and regressive.

Donald Trump clearly lacks the necessary credentials to be President, of course, he’s successful, which is hard given he only started with his “small loan” of ONE MILLION dollars (the type of money that people would kill or die for). He went bankrupt 6 times and doesn’t even pay income taxes. If he’s truly a man who is “for the people” he would be with the people in paying these taxes, if you really praise him for not paying taxes, you need to reevaluate your priorities. He won’t fix these loopholes, the loopholes he USES currently and will continue to use them in order to gain money. Also, of course, looking at the facts he will drive us further into debt and in no way stimulate the economy to be successful. Trickle Down economics, no matter how ‘Trumped up’ always fail and put our country into debt, a lesson learned by Reagan and Bush Sr. It is the same reason we are facing our economic problem as of now. Trickle down does not work, it is plain and simple. Stimulation and Job creation lead to the best form of economy, especially in capitalism.

Socially, Trump, well. Outcasts entire groups of people, racially stereotypes them and wonders why he receives no votes from them. Whether building a wall, repeating the Chinese Exclusion Act on Muslims or makes up stories about Obama founding ISIS. I mean the man is delusional and reactionary. He proposed marking out all Muslims distinctively. Also known as early signs of a genocide, which honestly isn’t too far above Trump at this point. The man has been compared to Hitler, whether rightfully so or not. I personally believe he will be worse because he will not only discriminate against people, but he will also make America weak and the laughing stalk of the entire world. Other countries like England and Spain think we are a joke for letting him get this far into the election.

Now for the big one. Donald Trump is unfit to be president of the United States. Obviously, not a huge surprise here. The man literally kicked a baby out of a rally, made fun of a disabled reporter, said “grab her by the pussy,” enforced gender roles, told people to check out a sex tape, said he is friends with one of the United State’s biggest enemies, committed treason by telling Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails, committed multiple acts of sexual assault, peeped on underage girls changing, insults and bullies other candidates, claims the election is rigged, banned media from attending the election, believes that global warming is a hoax, and I would bet my entire college fund that there is more than that.

All in all, vote tomorrow, please! But while voting, make sure you think about everything whether Donald Trump will truly make America Great Again, whether he is the right example for our children (who by the way in a mock election had a huge majority for Hillary), and will make our country work for peace and prosperity on all fronts. This is why I’m with Her and not for a bigoted racist reactionary fascist. I offer a sincere and true wish that Donald Trump fails and is arrested for the criminal acts he has committed. Also, when history is made tomorrow, he can truly accept the result and man the hell up.

The problem with American Education

Recently at MHS we had class pull out meetings where we talked about among other things how this is the last year to impress, college visits and getting ready for senior year. However what stuck with me the most was when we were told to “take a break” every once in a while and how “grades aren’t more important than your health” and that “you should “get a good nights sleep.” Well my friends at MHS let me make this as clear as possible so your can understand. That. Is. Not. Possible. and  also: You. Are. So. Hypocritical.

Many students strive to have the best grades possible and to boost our GPAs by loading up on AP and Honors courses. This in my opinion is not a bad thing, students should push themselves to be the very best that they can be. I myself am currently in 3 AP classes and an Honors course. However when we talk about classes such as AP Chem and Bio it leads many students- or from what I can see- to the brink of insanity. Finding molar masses and chemical reactions are all fun and games until we see all these kids have hours upon hours of homework for a SINGLE class. From what I can tell the kids who do double up on AP Chem and Bio are constantly working on just that. Chem or Bio. Giving them no time to “take a break” or “get a good nights sleep” and by doing this making it nearly impossible to put “your health before grades.”

Now given, these students all sign up for these courses, but an should they really be allowed to? I have multiple friends staying up and saying how they only get 2-3 hours  sleep because they decide to load up on AP classes. This is not ok and this needs to be fixed before MHS becomes a highschool MIT- which may sound like a good thing until you realize MIT has the highest suicide rate out of all US colleges. It should not be in the hands of the students to choose to take 6 AP classes to get their GPA to be higher than the next person’s. Now I may be ranting on and on about how much kids challenge themselves to be Valedictorian or whatever. But I will offer what I believe to be the best option.

In Spain (yes classic Freddie bringing up another european country) has a system in which students can choose to study math and science or language and history. Now this sort of system implemented at MHS would allow students to truly study a path they enjoy. While at the same time eliminating the ability to load up on 6 AP classes. I know plenty of students who would rather cut out the english and history or the math and science and focus on the other solely. I know that I would personally love to never take a higher level math of science course again. For example a typical junior under this system may take AP Chem and Bio and honors Precalc while taking regular english and government, or on the other side AP Gov and Comp with Algebra 2 and chemistry. Now no system is obviously perfect and I truly believe that just implementing this system does not solve every problem, but it’s at least a start.

To fix these problems we once again look at european nations. Many countries in Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Spain, etc.) have better education than us. Some key factors for this include, incentives for becoming a teacher, separation of school and sports/arts, and little to no homework.

Incentives for teaching, in America we pay high school teachers a pathetic amount of money, being around 45k a year. To put this in perspectives Butlers, Toll booth workers and Strippers all make more money than teachers. Let me tell you that is disgusting. If we gave more money to our teachers we would not only reach higher education standards but we would also have less teen suicides and just better teaching in general. If teachers were paid more there would be so many people who would want to be teachers which creates 1 more competition which would result in teachers TRYING to teach students and not pull some harkness method crap our way because guess what you’re a TEACHer. If teachers were paid more then it would greatly increase the chance of them doing their job.

Separation of school and extracurricular activities, as someone who is part of Speech and Debate, Cross Country, Student Government, and more. I believe education would be far better off if we kept these sort of things separate. Now there are so many opportunities outside of school to be a part of a music group or play club soccer whatever. Why do we need extracurricular activities. Now I’m not going against extracurriculars it’s a great way for extra competition or to alleviate stress. But when mixed with school it can cause a mentality of the sport/club/activity being more important than school resulting in lower grades and poor performance. Getting these things outside the school do not completely eliminate the problem I know. But they help to resolve it. Just ask any country with better education than the United States!

Finally I end with this little to no homework. Now I may sound like a lazy teenager who doesn’t want homework. But hey, I at least do my homework! Now we once again look at european countries such as Denmark and Sweden who give their students little to no homework. These students have less stress and can actually have fun after school is out and focus on their other activities rather than juggling their time. This method leaves students under less stress allows them to get more rest and it doesn’t brainwash them because they don’t learn at home. They still study for their next test or quiz at home which yes takes time out of their day but it allows them to take a stronger hold over their education. Rather than constant repetition of something a student already knows it can allow a student to study at their own pace and not stay up till 4am doing homework.

To finish this blog I want to add a few more things that I don’t feel need to but reasoning behind. School starting later, less classes, quarters and year long school. I feel as if these things would help to bring the United States back to the TOP in terms of education along with lower college tuition interest and tuition free public colleges for those who meet requirements. (If you wanna fight me on the whole “free college” thing you will lose bc I actually know what I’m talking about.) Good bye all.




Mason Ultimate Frisbee was thrown into the state tournament and flew into second.

On June 4 – June 5, Mason’s Ultimate Frisbee team competed in Versailles in the state championship tournament. The team’s undefeated season affected the attitude going into the tournament according to coach Elliott Skindzier.

“Going into the tournament the team felt as if they were underseeded due to the performance that they had at qualifiers,” Skindzier said. “Riding a city tournament championship though put them in a position where they felt like they could perform well.”

But the confidence of being city champions didn’t stop the team from working hard in training according to sophomore Axel Agami.

“We practiced two to three times a week all year, and when the state tournament got closer we kept the practices,” Agami said. “We incorporated other outside activities to get players in better condition and more comfortable throwing the disk.”

This practice showed as the comets went undefeated in their pool, beating Gahanna Lincoln 13-6 and Westerville North High School 13-5. They then went on to beat Centerville 14-9, placing them in a high seeding for the quarter finals.

According to Skindzier the team exceeded his expectations in these pool matches.

“I was worried about our game against Gahanna Lincoln High School,” Skindzier said. “Playing them last season, I knew what their potential was however, we were able to beat them easily, and I feel that that was the game that set the tone for the rest of the weekend.”

Along the way foreign exchange student Carlos Castro, who was supposed to leave before the tournament, was a giant help to the team during the tournament according to Agami.

“He really helped build our chemistry by having everyone pitch in for him to come back,” Agami said. ”He was a defensive machine and when he wasn’t making plays he was on the sideline keeping morale high.”

After beating Wyoming 12-9 in the quarterfinals and Milford in a close 10-9 victory, the team made it to the state final against Holy Family Catholic. According to junior Alex Barnett the team’s performance during the tournament helped motivate them for the final match.

“It definitely boosted our confidence and pushed us to keep striving for our best,” Barnett said. “We knew how tough the final game would be considering that they (Holy Family Catholic) win it every year.”

The team went on to lose to Holy Family Catholic in the final 15-2. Barnett reacted to the feeling of the team after the tournament.

“Everyone was extremely excited and overflowed with joy,” Barnett said. “Second place is a huge accomplishment considering we are a newer team with no one graduating.”

Although the team’s season just ended, Skindzier said he is already planning for the next season.

“Considering this is the second consecutive year that we in the state title game, I feel there is not much we can do,” Skindzier said. “Holy Family Catholic have a tremendous program. One thing though that I look to improve on is the deepness of the roster. Creating a deeper roster will be key to winning the title next year.”


The community is racin’ around Mason in preparation for the upcoming cross country season.

On July 30, the boys and girls of Mason Cross Country ran with the rest of the community in the annual Racin’ in Mason 5K at Pine Hill park to prepare for the season and raise funds for the team. The race was organized by Mason Running boosters to help fundraise for the boys and girls team. According to the boys cross country head coach, Tom Rapp, the money raised from this event will help pay for many aspects of the team.

“It helps us buy equipment that we need, T-shirts and extra amenities to add flair to the team,” Rapp said. “Without the funding it would be very difficult.”

The overall race was won by Junior Abel Nijakowski who clocked in a time of 17:11. Nijakowski represented Mason as a varsity runner last year and said he has a passion for running.

“It was fun,” Nijakowski said. “It was what I wanted to do, so I went out and did it. I did my best and got what I wanted. I love running and I love racing.”

According to Nijakowski the race would set standards for the start of the season and he hopes to use this as his victory to jump into the official season starting on Monday.

“I think it’s a good starting time and a good position to be in for the start of the season,” Nijakowski said.

Aside from raising funds for the program, Rapp said the race also gives the runners an opportunity to see the larger community of running outside of Mason Cross Country.

“It’s really a fun time for runners to mix with the community,” Rapp said. “Running is bigger than just high school cross country.”


The boys soccer team opened their season with a 4-0 victory over the Springboro Panthers.

The game started as a defensive battle, with no real scoring opportunities. The Comets came close in the 11th minute after a corner kick found the head of a Comet player, but was denied by a save from the Springboro keeper, keeping the game at 0-0.

The scoring opened in the 17th minute when sophomore Carter Womack found the net from inside the penalty box. Womack said he was pleased with his first game and first goal for Mason Varsity Soccer.

“It was a great way to start off,” Womack said. “Hopefully, I can just keep scoring and keep doing well.”

The scoring continued in the 36th minute when junior Ben Wendell tucked the ball into the net from close range, giving the Comets a 2-0 lead at halftime.

Senior Joseph Grimes started the second half scoring with a free kick from 30 yards out two minutes after the start of the second half. Continuing his fantastic run from preseason to the regular season, Grimes said he was ecstatic after scoring the goal.

“Obviously, it makes me feel good,” Grimes said. “I’m just happy it was one of the four goals we had today.”

Senior Max Mitchell ended the scoring for the Comets in the 50th minute from 6 yards out. Head Coach Paul Reedy said securing a victory to open the season was a good place to start for his young team.

“We’re pleased to get off to a good start, the first game you never know what to expect,” Reedy said. “We only returned three starters from a year ago, we’re a work in progress and we’re by no means a finished product.”

Political Revolution -Opinion

Last night at the democratic convention Bernie Sanders, the leader of the political revolution, told his supporters that they should all vote for Hillary in the upcoming election. Now, as many of you know, I support Bernie and as a result, think I’m some sort of Communist Russian to uproot the principles of democracy and capitalism. When Bernie told his supporters to vote for Hillary he was promptly booed by his supporters. Look, I LOVE Bernie as much as the next millennial, and trust me, I hate Hillary. But at the end of the day. Who is better for our nation Trump or Hillary. A woman with vast political experience or a man with none. In my opinion Hillary is obviously the better option to Trump. Of course, she is corrupt but so are most politicians, and if you think for one second that Trump is not corrupt you really need to look at the reality of the lies he is feeding you. I could go more into depth but I will save that for another post :).


The point of this post is, to talk about the impact of Bernie Sanders. The Brooklyn born jewish man has changed this country and brought us to be more liberal than we ever imagined. The impact that he will have on the election is this; if Hillary’s chances of winning can only go up the more liberal she gets from here. Now obviously, Hillary is bought out by the system and will never actually become that liberal. Which is a shame obviously but at the end of the day. We all knew this was going to happen. What we didn’t think would happen was Bernie getting as close as he did to the spot.  This man had no right to be as close to Hillary in the primaries as he was. He defied all odds, a socialist of all things, a socialist… In America? You’re out of your right mind if you predicted that he would do as well as he did. But today we see the millennials and more all fighting for a more liberal platform every day we live the revolution.


And so all good things must end with a call to action. My fellow friends who feel the bern, live on. We are the revolution, revolutions don’t happen over night. But over time if we keep pushing and pushing slowly we will gain more and more ground. The revolution can not be over just because Bernie Sanders is out of the race. This is a TRUE revolution if we all stand together we can all continue the political revolution against Trump and force Hillary to go more and more liberal than she already is. My friends we are too left to possibly be right. We must show this entire nation that we are the political revolution and that we will not elect a lying, blow heart, and bigot president. Hillary is not an ideal president. But if we want this revolution to continue the only option now is to vote for Hillary. In the words of John Lennon we have to Imagine all the people living: for today, in peace and for all the world. People may say we’re dreamers but it’s obvious that we aren’t the only ones.

2nd Amendment over Domestic Tranquility?

How many deaths will it take, till America knows that too many people have died? This answer my friend, is one that should not be Blowing in the Wind.


With 196 mass shootings in 2016 already, it often raises the question to many people. Why do we not have gun control? While, it is interesting to see the various views, data and evidence. The fact is, it is getting ridiculous. The second amendment was made over 200 years ago. How can it possibly mean anything today. The right to bear arms was given to the people when guns had horrible aims, took a long time to reload and used gun powder. These guns were not semi automatic, they were muskets and rifles.

Now I DO NOT believe we should ban all guns like Britain, Canada and Denmark. (However it wouldn’t be a bad thing if we did, it’s just unpractical right now) My main view on this blog is going to be against the ability to purchase and own military grade weapons and semi automatic weapons. Which you can argue with me all day if you so please. But evidence backs up that countries with gun control have far less crime, deaths and shootings. At the end of the day, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. But should it be easy for people to buy semi automatic guns to aid them in killing other people? No it should not. This is not a radical idea. In fact a model conservative man by the name of Ronald Reagan believed in the very thing I am saying in 1989. “”I do not believe in taking way the right of the citizen for sporting, for hunting and so forth, or home defense. But I do believe that an AK-47, a machine gun, is not a sporting weapon or needed to defend a home.” (Ronald Reagan February 1989)

Now some evidence to back all my claims up. In 2010 the United States had the most gun related deaths compared to every other developed nation. Also, if you total these numbers together. The United States making up about half of the population of these nations have 82% of gun related deaths. (CBS Now to be quite honest, this data makes me extremely angry. America, the land of the free and home of the brave. The most gun deaths in any developed country. It is time to end this. Background checks, bans, etc. Whatever needs to be done to end this time of fear, needs to happen. Republicans need to stop listening to minorities who want no gun control. Instead listen to the 92% that want basic background checks and the 54% that want to stop manufacture of guns. To be less biased I’m even going to say that 9% want their to be a total ban on guns (  Don’t listen to that 9%, they aren’t the majority. But congress needs to hear this, gun control needs to happen. Listen to the people. If you don’t you’re failing your duty to the people, you’re failing your duty to America and you’re failing your duty to our founding fathers. You can stall all you want, but the people will be heard, we shall overcome. Now let’s give our support to the sit in by the democrats so we can put this gun threat behind us and no longer have our answer blowing in the wind. (Sorry if this ruins your song Bob Dylan)

Parental Responsibility?

We all misplace things, whether it be glasses, homework, phones, or wallets. Of course, misplacing these things doesn’t lead to the deaths of an endangered species.

Many have heard about the recent incident at the Cincinnati Zoo. Where Harambe, a 17 year old Gorilla was shot and killed. This was after the Gorilla picked up, threw and dragged around a 4 year old child who found his way into the exhibit. The child was misplaced by his parents. In a zoo.

Now all parents may misplace their kids at local stores or at parks. But at a zoo? This is completely irresponsible of the parents. Along with the zoo making the wrong decision. The Gorilla, from what I understand, caused no physical harm to the child and was sent home from the hospital after being evaluated for injuries.  The Gorilla was no threat to the child and should not have been killed no matter how long it took for the tranquilizer to take effect.

However, the blame falls to the parents. How do you misplace your child in a zoo. As a child I was never misplaced at such a dangerous place, let alone a place with that many people. The zoo should sue them for the gorilla’s death and they should have to pay the fine for killing an endangered animal. However, this is not compensation for the death of such a rare and dangerous animal no matter what the situation the zoo should stand to preserve and protect endangered species and due to the situation at hand they did not. There is no justice for the animal nor the people who are saddened and disappointed by the death of this animal.

Crisis in Manchester

In today’s world we so often see the world horrified by the thought of terrorism. I woke up this morning waiting for my favorite Soccer Team to play their final game of the season. I was excited, I had just finished breakfast and I turned on the TV only to hear the game had been delayed. I then did the logical thing any teenager would do in a situation of confusion: I went on twitter. The news that was being reported, I did not want to hear.

Today around 3 PM in Manchester ,England (10 PM in Ohio) a mysterious package was found in the North West stand of Manchester United’s stadium, Old Trafford. This mysterious package turned out to be one of the two reported bombs inside of the stadium. The North West stand was quickly evacuated as Manchester United’s final game of the season against Bournemouth was delayed then cancelled. The Stadium was evacuated, the bomb squad arrived and they have already had one controlled explosion inside the ground.

Thankfully, not a single person has been hurt or injured and everyone, including players and staff have been evacuated from the stadium. I offer huge props to Manchester United for how well they handled the situation and thank god for the person who found the first bomb. He quite literally saved almost 70,000 lives in one day. Whether sheer luck or divine influence this day has been saved and the plans of evil have been thwarted.

The big picture of this is terrorism is very real, I have known this since the day I truly realized the impact of 9/11. Today’s lasting impact is that terrorism can be prevented and thanks to the results of the Paris and Brussels attacks the world has grown more careful and smarter for these occurrences. This is not a problem to fix overnight it will be a long process. We must remember during this time that we as a world are one. We all need to come together. We should not pursue the minority groups but rather pursue and destroy the problem itself. Today was a defeat for whoever tried to attack and one they soon won’t forget. They will come back stronger than ever to try and terrorize again. The world must be ready. I wish the best for everyone in Manchester and I wish luck for all humanity as we move forward in a world with terrorism. Together the world is one. God is good.